Brand new to digital planners? No worries, I've got you covered! This lesson will show you exactly what a digital planner and sticker is.

  • It's a PDF document that has been designed to look like a realistic paper planner that can be filled in using a tablet and stylus.
  • Inside the PDF are hyperlinks to help you easily navigate through the pages.
  • Think of it as if a paper planner and an iPad had a baby, it would be a digital planner 😁

  • Digital stickers are PNGs (images) that you can decorate your planner with, just like you would with a paper planner.
  • They come in all types like post it notes, washi tape, icon stickers, quotes, picture frames, etc. Check out Etsy to find some new sticker packs!

  1. A tablet (android or iPad)
  2. A stylus (like an Apple Pencil)
  3. A PDF annotation app, which allows you to write on your digital planner PDF. There are both free and paid apps available. I highly recommend: Goodnotes (iPad only) and Noteshelf (Android and iPad).
  4. A digital planner!

If you are completely confused about digital planners and stickers, no worries!

In this video, we'll go deeper into the basics of digital planning:
✨ What a digital planner is
✨ What a digital sticker is

Basic Shapes + Icons
Word Stickers

Sticky Notes 
Washi Tape

Picture Frames 

Widgets/Planner Inserts