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Goodnotes 6 App
While I haven't updated to Goodnotes 6 yet, this is one of the better guides I could find for the updated version. Enjoy!

Goodnotes 5 - The Basics

Upload Your Planner + Using The Hyperlinks

Pens + Highlighters

Using The Eraser Tool

Using The Lasso Tool (Plus How To Copy + Paste)

Using The Text Tool

Using Digital Stickers

The Elements Tool

Using Elements Instead Of A Goodnotes File

Pages - Move, Delete, Duplicate, Copy + Paste

Adding A Blank Page + Creating A New Notebook

Organizing Your Dashboard + Planners

Adding A Link

Goodnotes 5 - Misc Tutorials

Check If Your App Up To Date

Using The Shapes Tool

Editing A Shape

Convert Your Handwriting To Text

Adding A Dropshadow

Using The Zoom Tool

Using Two Planners At One Time

Easily Date Your Undated Planner

Adding A Planner Page From Another Planner

Using The Search Tool

Syncing Your Planners Between Your iPhone And iPad

Change To Vertical Scrolling

Left-handed Users

Adding Ebook + Other PDFs 

Exporting As A .Goodnotes File

Hate Your Handwriting? Try These Tips

Change Your Planner Cover

Splitting Your Screen

Goodnotes 5 - Frequently Asked Questions

Undo Shortcut

Deleting Pages

Duplicating Pages

Copy + Paste Pages

Duplicating Stickers + Images

Duplicating Text

Changing Text Colours

Changing Your Handwriting Colour