The tutorials below are for the Noteshelf 2 app.

Basic Tutorials
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⚠️ Please Note: These tutorials were filmed using the IOS version of the app. You can find Android tutorials for Noteshelf on YouTube.

The Basics

Uploading Your Planner + Using The Hyperlinks

Pens + Highlighters

Adding Matching Pens Hack

Using The Eraser Tool

Using The Lasso Tool

Using Digital Stickers

Using The Text Tool

Pages - How To Delete, Duplicate, Move, and Copy + Paste

Adding A Blank Page + Creating A New Notebook

Organizing + Customizing Your Dashboard

Misc Tutorials

Check To Make Sure Your App Is Up To Date

Adding A Page From Another Planner

Convert Your Handwriting Into Text

Using The Shapes Tool

Adding A Dropshadow

Opening Two Planners At One Time

Easily Date Your Undated Planner

Syncing Between Your iPhone and iPad

Using The Search Tool

Left Handed Users

Zooming In

Change To Vertical Scrolling

Saving Your Planner As A .Noteshelf File Format

Keeping Your Ebooks And Magazines With Your Planner

Free Covers + Templates

Hate Your Handwriting? Try These Tips

Change Your Planner Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Undo Hack + Other Gestures

Deleting Pages

Duplicating Pages

Copy + Paste Pages

Changing Text Colours

Changing Your Handwriting Colour