Not sure which app to use? I've created 2 videos going over the pros and cons of each app to help you make a decision on which app is best for you. 

Side Note: I mention in the videos about Notability but I've decided to not add that video here as I don't really recommend it as an app. The app is fine but I recommend Noteshelf and Goodnotes over Notability.


Goodnotes has a free trial for the first 3 notebooks.


  • 3 types of pens
  • You can have 3 favourite pen colours in the tool bar which makes it super easy to change pen colours
  • Can change the pen colour after it’s written
  • Can change the Lasso options for selecting specific things, like just handwriting or just photos
  • Can add images from either photos folder or your files app
  • Multiple tabs can be open plus can have side by side planners
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling options
  • Dark mode + dark mode paper
  • Can move the tool bar to the top or bottom of the screen
  • Search through your handwriting easily
  • Can see all the pages across the screen to make it super easy to move around pages
  • Apps for iPhones, iPads, and Macs


  • Not available for Androids
  • Hyperlinks are annoying to use (have to leave edit mode every time you want to use a hyperlink)
  • Convert to text needs an extra step
  • Can’t style library/dashboard
  • No audio
  • Can’t move multiple pages at once


  • You can now add images from both the photos folder and the files app
  • You can now choose between vertical and horizontal scrolling


  • Customize your library/dashboard
  • Dark mode + dark mode pages
  • Tabs are easy to use
  • 4 types of pens plus better handwriting (my personal opinion)
  • Can change pen colour after it’s written
  • Convert handwriting to text easily
  • Audio - can record your lectures
  • Can lock stickers and photos into place
  • Can open 2 planners at once
  • Search your handwriting
  • Can see all your pages across the screen
  • Ease of use
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, Macs, and Androids


  • Can’t move multiple pages at once